South Brooklyn Open Studios Saturday and Sunday
June 8th/9th, from 12-6pm

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Visitor tips!

Tip #1 Pick a starting point, and start discovering! View the online SBOS gallery of participating spaces/artists to pick some favorites to visit.

Tip #2 Start at a larger studio building to learn about dozens of new artists in one afternoon. Several locations have many artists to visit. Look at the list to the right to plan ahead.

Tip #3 Create a path for yourself to hit a few locations, and then get a snack, coffee, or drink at a locally owned small business to keep you going! Chocolate and/or wine are usually a good idea at the end of the day.

Tip #4 Keep a record of favorite artists, and sign up for their mailing lists to keep up with those artists you love. You can take photos (with permission). Be sure to give credit/tag the artist on social media posts.

Tip #5 It’s ok to ask questions about inspiration, process, etc, and to inquire about prices, if you are interested in buying original art.

Tip #6 Feeling inspired? Take a look at some local course offerings for art classes: Trestle Workshops, La Bodega Life Drawing, BKLYN Clay

Tip #7 Feeling jealous? Apply for an art studio or artist residency/professional development program.

Over 85 Participating artists/galleries/Organizations:

  1. Trestle Art Space- Greenwood Heights: 62 18th St, 1st and 2nd floors: 35+ art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  2. La Bodega Gallery 5th Ave:  art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  3. Trestle Art Space- Sunset Park: 850 3rd Ave, Ste, 411: 25+ art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  4. Beth Gilfilen- 254 36th St, 5th Floor, Section B, #B543: Sunday 12-6

  5. Artists’ Studio Building- 218 41st St: 5+ art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  6. Print Space, Ellen Coleman Izzo: art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  7. BWAC- : 5+ art studios open Sat/Sun 12-6

  8. Sally Gil- 87 Third Ave Lobby: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  9. Pioneer Works- Red Hook: Open Sunday only for Second Sundays

  10. Site:Brooklyn Gallery- 165 7th St, ground floor: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  11. Open Source Gallery, Monica Jahan Bose: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  12. Stand4 Gallery, 414-78th St: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  13. BioBAT Art Space, 140 58th St, ground floor: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  14. Tabla Rosa, 224 48th St: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  15. Maggie Lines & Colin Strohm, 148 26th St, 2nd Floor: Open Sat/Sun 12-6

  16. View participating artists, galleries, and organizations here: MAP LINK