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Introductions 2018

Opening reception: Friday, January 19th, 7-9p
On view January 19th - February 28th, 2018
Artist-as-Curator Talk will be held at Trestle Tuesday, February 13th, 7pm.
Gallery hours: M W F, 1:30-6:30pm
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Our annual open call to kick off the new year! Introductions 2018 hosts a wide range of contemporary artists working in an array of mediums.

Participating Artists:
Nancy S. Baker - Allison Blumenthal - Richard Bottwin - Michelle Brandemuehl - Andrea Burgay - Tim Campbell - Tiberiu Chelcea - Marianne DeAngelis - DeShawn Dumas - Brian Edmonds - Patricia Fabricant - Deborah Freedman - Ruth Freeman - Barbara Friedman - Rachel Guardiola - Elizabeth Johnson - Jeffrey Cortland Jones - Laura Kaufman - Leslie Kerby - Ashlee Laing - Janet E. Lee - Thomas Levy - Joseph Liatela - SaraNoa Mark - Eliot Markell - Nina Meledandri - Katherine Mojzsis - Daniel Morowitz - Emilia Olsen - Anna Ortiz - Kirk Palmer - Nicole Parcher - Dominic Quintana - Debra Ramsay - Yoella Razili - John Richey - Elizabeth Riley - Walter John Rodriguez - David Rogers - Marcy Rosenblat - Isabelle Schneider - Sylvia Schwartz - Angela Simione - Greg Slick - Charles Sommer - Bruce Stiglich - Suzanne Stroebe - Fabricio Suarez - Christopher Taylor - Michele Theberge - Jeanne Tremel - MJ Tyson - Lars van Dooren - Katarina Wong - Mary Younkin - Tamar Zinn

Curatorial Statement

The selection of works for Introductions 2018 was a particularly challenging process. With over 450 talented artists and well over a thousand artworks to choose from, the selection had not as much to do with the caliber of the works (in truth, almost every artwork submitted had something truly wonderful to offer) but rather, that these works, in terms of material, composition, and visual impact, interacted with each other aesthetically and formally.

Though the lion share of works submitted for consideration were abstract in nature (I believe this is reflected among the final selections), here too are truly exceptional works in genres such as landscape, portraiture, narrative and figuration. You may find (as did I) surprises from names familiar to you, be it divergences from their typical working methods or a deeper take on some of their more long held concerns. A particular treat that this show afforded me was the opportunity to connect with several artists who I have long admired but as of yet, hadn’t had the privilege of working with. Equally exciting were the encounters I had with high-quality offerings from artists completely new to me, many of whom currently reside outside of the greater New York area. 

It is the aspect of dynamic interaction amongst all of the artworks gathered here that was, and continues to be, the most rewarding for me as both curator & artist. Art triumphantly transcends the imagined and arbitrary boundaries of time and place ... it is this quality that is one of the many answers to the question, “Why art?” to begin with. 

Finally, compiling a group art show is a bit like throwing a dinner party. One is thrilled for who will be showing up; hopeful and expectant of the types of dialogue & exchanges that may take place - delighted and often surprised by the associations and connections that can emerge between them. Aptly titled “Introductions”, my hope is that this show occurs as an introduction on any number of levels: introductions from artist to artist, an introduction of viewer to artist, & perhaps an introduction to materials and modes of expression not typically encountered. I believe that each of these artworks deserves to be seen and to be considered deeply. I entreat each visitor to the show to “introduce” your own sense of curiosity and generous interest to their creative undertakings, to explore their larger oeuvres through the doorways offered here, and to revel in the delights and inspirations you may find along the way. 
Enrico Gomez, Curator Introductions 2018

About the curator:
Enrico Gomez is an artist and curator in the greater New York area. He has exhibited at venues including Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ, The Painting Center, NY, NY, Regina Rex, NY, NY, and The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, NY, NY, among others. Featured in various publications including The New Criterion, Hyperallergic, and The New York Times, he was named by Brooklyn Magazine one of the "100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture". Enrico Gomez is Director of The Dorado Project and a founder/partner in M E N Gallery in New York, NY.

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