Trestle has two Brooklyn Locations

Trestle Art space - Sunset Park
Trestle Gallery

850 3rd Avenue, Suite 411
Brooklyn, NY, 11232

DNR Trains @ 36th / R Train @ 25th
B37 Bus @ 3rd & 29th/30th

Trestle Gallery is located within Trestle Art Space - Sunset Park at Liberty View Industrial Plaza (between 30th and 31st on 3rd Avenue). At this location, you can also find the Trestle Art Space main office, as well as TAS Member art studios.

Gallery Hours:
Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 12pm-6pm


Trestle Art Space - Greenwood

62 18th Street
Brooklyn NY 11232

R Train @ Prospect Ave
Bus: B37
Please note: Pedestrians must cross 3rd Ave at 19th Street

Trestle Workshops are located within Trestle Art Space - Greenwood. At this location, you can also find additional TAS Member art studios.



Since Trestle Gallery operates on a part time schedule, our response times can vary.
Check here to see if any of your inquiries can be answered immediately.

What are Trestle Gallery’s Hours?

Trestle Gallery is open to the public Wednesday and Friday from 1:30-6:30, and Saturday & Sunday from 12-6pm & by appointment. If you’re interested in visiting outside of gallery hours, contact us using the button below.

How can I show my work at trestle? does the gallery accept artist submissions directly?

Trestle Gallery hosts two annual exhibition open calls - Introductions and Small Works , to which national and international artists are welcome to apply. Open call submissions from artists must be submitted via - submissions sent to our email will not be considered. We are not accepting exhibition proposals at this time.

Where can I find more information on your open calls, like the application deadline, requirements, or fee?

You can find thorough and up-to-date information for all our current open calls on our submittable page at

I’m interested in one of the residency opportunities provided by trestle gallery. where can i learn more information?

You can find all information for our current residency opportunities on our submittable website at To learn more about the residency advisors, click here.

what’s the difference between the Trestle Artist Residency and the Critical feedback program?

Good question! The Critical Feedback Program was designed to be a critique group where peer learning and feedback is facilitated by session leaders, whereas the Trestle Artist Residency has a focus on mentorship with advisor led critiques, individual meetings, and studio visits in which the guests are tailored to that session’s residents. To figure out which one might be best for you, learn about about our programs here.

I submitted to an open call. When will I hear back?

Generally, you can expect to hear from us between 2 and 4 weeks after the deadline has past. This of course varies based on the volume of submissions. If we’ve received a high number of submissions, and we need more time, we will let you know. If it’s been over 4 weeks and you haven’t heard back, please check your spam and/or promotional folders in your inbox.

I submitted to an online exhibition. where’s my work?

For fairness in display of works in our online exhibitions, we set the galleries to randomize their order on every page refresh. If you got a confirmation from submittable - your work is there! Try refreshing a few times to see if you were missing your piece.

I’m interested in a Trestle Art Space studio. how should I get in touch?

You can learn more about Trestle Art Space’s Locations and Studios at You can inquire about current availabilities and schedule tours by filling out this form or by emailing

Something else?

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