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Trestle Gallery and Tiger Strikes Asteroid are thrilled to announce Artist-Run 2020, a year-long exploration of artist-run projects throughout the country. We have invited 11 artist-run projects to curate exhibitions at our various locations with the intention of building relationships and expanding our collective networks. From mobile platforms focusing on pop-up exhibitions, to projects in artists’ homes, to full-blown commercial galleries, artist-run spaces are an integral part of the art world, often providing artists with their first major exhibitions as well as providing a space for artists to meet and share their work. We view these exhibitions as a way of collapsing the geographic space between all of our projects so that the relationships that are built and sustained through Artist-Run 2020 will in turn become a way for us to collectively create space for others.⁠





Jan 3 - Feb 9: Sheherazade @ TSA NY

Jan 4 - 26: SARDINE @ TSA LA

Jan 17 - Feb 23: The Rib @ Trestle

Feb 28 - April 5: The Neon Heater @ Trestle

Apr 10 - May 10: Yes Ma’am Projects @ Trestle

May 14 - June 20: Ortega y Gasset Projects @ TSA


Jul 2 - Aug 2: Small Works curated by Mrs.


Jul 31 - Aug 30: Young Space @ TSA NY

Aug 1 - Sep 5: Transmitter @ TSA Chicago

Aug 14 - Sep 20: LOUD @ Trestle

Sep 25 - Nov 1: Maake @ Trestle