Alison De Vito, Salem, 2017, Flashe and acrylic on canvas, 46 x 33”

Alison De Vito, Salem, 2017, Flashe and acrylic on canvas, 46 x 33”

A Visual Dialogue Among Trestle Residents


Opening Reception: Friday, December 15, 7-9p
On view through January 5, 2018
Gallery Hours: MWF 1:30-6:30p
Transit: D/N/R at 36th, R at 25th, B37 bus to 3rd Ave/29th St

Trestle Gallery is pleased to announce our fourth annual resident exhibition, Unrestricted: A Visual Dialogue Among Trestle Residents curated by incoming Curator-In-Residence, Katherine Murdock. This survey of work showcases the diverse interests and artistic practices of the twenty current residents. Even though each artist explores varied concepts, a dialogue among the work surfaced. The artists investigate material with two and three-dimensional work. Many incorporate concepts of painting and objects into their practice. (Image: Chip McCall, "Hungover at Party City", 2017, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 18 x 12")

Each of the represented artists carefully consider their medium through their art-making practice which includes painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting, stitching, branding and assembling objects. By eliminating the use of a paintbrush and canvas, Kate Bae pushes boundaries with the capabilities of paint by using it to sculpt. Sarbani Ghosh combines digital and hand-made materials by layering paint and stitching over digital collages printed on mylar. Julie Combal creates sculpture with upcycled objects found in her neighborhood. She references painting by hanging and overlaying colored ceramic and laminate tiles on the wall. 

Abby Cochran’s hybridized works hover between painting and object. Cochran incorporates sculpted breasts into her brightly colored paintings. The paintings equivocally reference a toy doll and a portrait of a person. Her “anti-pretty” aesthetic simultaneously evokes feelings of desire and repulsion. Several artists make connections between objects and bodies. Hannah Rose Berry juxtaposes silhouettes of objects and figures in her paintings. These portraits portray objects as symbols charged with masculine and feminine references. 

The exhibition extends outside the formal gallery space, utilizing the building’s architecture. 

Trestle Artist Residency offers professional development programs for emerging artists that aim to provide community for artists, development of a new body of work and opportunities that help artists find a foothold in the art world.

Participating Resident Artists:
Hyun Jung Ahn
Kate Bae
Hannah Rose Berry
Andrea Caldarise
Abby Cochran
Julie Combal
Allison De Vito
Kat Deiner
Ronit Delgado
Martin Dull
Alyssa Eble
Sarbani Ghosh
Ian Schwartz
Sarah Malcolm
Chip McCall
Julia Melfi
Megan Porpeglia
Lesley Wamsley