Sunday: Oil Portrait Workshop: Trestle Workshops

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Sunday: Oil Portrait Workshop: Trestle Workshops


One Session Sunday 11 -5PM Weekend Portrait Workshop, with Caitlin Hurd

Upcoming Sessions: Dec. 10th

In this day long workshop you will be introduced to fundamental oil painting techniques and tools on how to paint a Portrait from a photograph, with a strong emphasis on the structure of the head.  This class with learn proportions and structures of facial features rather than paint by number.  Photographs are used to reference a persons likeness, but the class will mostly focus on the understanding of the 3 dimensional form of a portrait. Class begins with a demonstration by the instructor. You will spend the majority of the class painting, during which the instructor will offer help and critique to students individually.

Materials to Bring: 

- $15 materials fee paid directly to instructor (covers cost of paint)

- Prepared 12 x 16" canvas

- Palette, 12 x 16" or larger, plastic or wood, rectangular or round; See for example:

- Palette knife, metal

- Rags, cotton, most art supply or hardware stores sell packages of rags

- 2 small jars that have lids that can be sealed

- An assortment of oil painting brushes; Filbert and Round shaped brushes are most versatile, Bristle and Synthetic Sable hair brushes are best and most cost effective, and a variety of sizes from 1/8" to 1" will allow a greater range of detail and mark making. See for example:

- photograph to paint from

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850 3rd Ave, Ste 411
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11223

D,N,R to 36th St (or R train to 25th St)


Cancellation Policy: 
Trestle is not able to provide refunds. Trestle requires at minimum three days written notice to reschedule a class. Please email if you need to reschedule a class. Full refunds are provided only when Trestle cancels the class. For multi-session classes, students do not get refunded for any session they cannot attend and pro-rating is not available. In the event of a weather related scheduling change, instructors will offer a make-up opportunity.