Saturday DIY Silkscreen: Trestle Workshops

Erik's Bag.jpg
Erik's Bag.jpg

Saturday DIY Silkscreen: Trestle Workshops


Upcoming Sessions: Saturday's 12:00PM - 4:00PM with Erik Hougen
August 12 (one spot left), September 23, October 7, November 4

In this 4-hour intensive workshop you will learn how to make your own silkscreening set-up that can run right off your kitchen table. You will learn how to prepare a screen, transfer an image, and make a print from start to finish. We supply a tote bag, or you may bring your own t-shirt. Let us guide you through this notoriously tricky medium so that you can print at home with confidence. 

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850 3rd Ave, Ste 411
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11223

D,N,R to 36th St (or R train to 25th St)


Cancellation Policy: 
Trestle is not able to provide refunds. Trestle requires at minimum three days written notice to reschedule a class. Please email if you need to reschedule a class. Full refunds are provided only when Trestle cancels the class. For multi-session classes, students do not get refunded for any session they cannot attend and pro-rating is not available. In the event of a weather related scheduling change, instructors will offer a make-up opportunity.