Katie Torn "Breathe Deep" single channel video 2014

Katie Torn "Breathe Deep" single channel video 2014

Trestle Projects is proud to present Through a Honeycomb, a group show featuring a range of work by artists, landscape designers, and an agricultural consulting firm:

Katie TornJaNae ContagJuan Camilo Rodelo VargasJanne Höltermann, EcoAge (Emmaline Payette + Paula Pino), Laurencia StraussSean Donovan, and Blue Planet Consulting 

Through a Honeycomb is a group exhibition featuring a range of works about our relationship with architecture. Each work is situated in its own time and illuminates how architecture can be a governing force through surveillance, isolation, commerce, and sustainability. While history is a major component to this exhibition, we will also explore poetic and utilitarian solutions that overhaul existing, physical and ideological structures. For example, Through a Honeycomb treats the welder, who built the skyscrapers, as an alchemist not just a “worker” and composting as a monumental endeavor. All together the works in Through a Honeycomb create a blurred space where multiple timelines converge to reflect our precarious “future-now” and push us to consider new strategies to foster a sustainable future through architecture and nature. 

architecture + alchemy+ the body

Special thanks to our sponsors Trestle Gallery and Electric Objects!

Trestle Projects
400 3rd Ave, Gowanus BK
January 21 - March 11, 2017

Open Hours:

Wednesday Feb 15th 1pm-7pm

*This exhibition marks the first exhibition by Trestle Projects' Curator-in-Residence for 2017, Jesse Bandler Firestone.