Trestle Projects is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition Peers. The verb “peer” is defined as an act of peeking or looking and the noun “peer” refers to people who are considered equal to one another. An increased societal fascination with cameras has initiated their ubiquitous presence. From street intersections and commercial buildings to private residences and personal devices, cameras have become integrated into the background of our lives and the lines between public and private are blurred. 

This exhibition includes the work of six artists who examine the accessibility of surveillance in our current culture and reflect on our ambivalent relationship with cameras. These works open up a philosophical dialogue about security, privacy and recreational entertainment. With the immersion of cameras into our everyday life, anyone can become a watcher.

Katherine Murdock is a freelance curator and artist working in New York and New Jersey. Currently she is the Trestle Projects Curator-in-Residence. Murdock was the Assistant Curator at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. She managed over thirty curated group and solo exhibitions and organized over 60 community art exhibitions for the Art Center.