Breaking an Image
Main Gallery

June 24 – July 19, 2017
Opening Reception: June 24th 7–9PM

ft. Amy RitterJessica HarveyWhitt ForresterJasmine MurrellRyan Hawk, Bibiana Medkova + Mercedes Searer, Vincente Vazquez + Usue Arrieta

"Breaking an Image" is a group exhibition that cracks wide open (or modulates) the fixed nature of classical photography by exposing its shortcomings as a representative mode. The image is more relevant than ever, yet the idea of a single unchanging viewpoint is obsolete. Deleuze notes that photography’s greatest shortcoming is its inability to embrace modulation because it attempts to fix the forces of a thing into a singular moment, which unfavorably reduces our modes of perception. These failures will be explored through sculpture, mixed media, and installations that negate the virtual plane by deterritorializing the image back into an unfolding space/time. By considering the body, material essence, and an interconnectivity with external systems, the works in this exhibition free the image of fixity and begin to create a space for the future hybridity of the image.

Whitt Forrester’s installation acts as the stage for his photographs and includes live plants, gold foil, and electrical circuits. The gold automatically aligns this work within a larger economy while electrical currents emitted by the live plants turn the installation into a generative work that changes based on its environment.

Jasmine Murrell’s mixed-media photographs feature people of color and embrace an alternative narrative to white mainstream culture. Dirt from the site of the photograph is embedded in the frame and links each image to our collective origins while capturing a semblance of place through a material presence that is often lost in photography.

Amy Ritter’s large black and white xerox prints are made from photographs in her parent’s mobile home. Her photographic installation reconstructs specific elements of the mobile home, including faux finishes, and turns the bathroom corridor of the gallery into a transitional space where the body exists between architecture and memory.

Bibiana Medkova and Mercedes Searer’s installation, alongside Allison Jones’ sonic performance, confront the body through sound and performance. Their 20 minute performances correspond to their interactive installation where viewers can crouch and maneuver their bodies to view works about the body at different scales.

Usue+Valeinte’s video installation CMDG stresses the unreliability of photography by bringing the camera to its breaking point. The video features a camera moving faster than its frame rate as it recordings its own mechanical failures. The installation is powered by the curator’s car just outside the gallery and proposes the impossibility of a closed system within an image.

Jessica Harvey’s post-mortem photograms of her late Aunt, and her Aunt’s pets, are made from the subjects cremated remains and level every being as one and the same. A metronome, synced to her aunt’s last heart rate, dictates or measurement of time while in the gallery. 

Ryan Hawk’s multi-media installation features a sculptural prop and soundscape from a video that is not on display in the gallery. By showing us what we are not meant to see, Hawk is able poke at the shortcomings of perception in our illusory image based culture.



Project Space


June 24 – July 19, 2017
Opening Reception: June 24th 7–9PM

ft.  Claire LachowDevra FreelanderHilliary GabryrelMaggie Grymes,
Gracelee Lawrence, Cameron Coffman,  Rachael Starbuck

NO NEW FORMS, a multi-sensory and collaborative installation by MATERIAL GIRLS explores the stairwell as a transitional space through water related imagery and the ways water corresponds to psychological states. The stairwell will contain three "environments" that flow into one another, calling upon the different phases of water to mark the progression of the viewer through the space on several axes: from low to high, from outside to inside, from natural to artificial, etc.  MATERIAL GIRLS is a nonlocal collective of female-identifying sculptors formed in 2016. Through a range of mediums the collective combines corporate aesthetics and camp to explore the illusion of materiality in our digital age and contemporary feminism. MATERIAL GIRLS have exhibited at Spring/Break Art Show 2017 and Spring/Break BKLYN IMMERSIVE.