Veronique Gambier "Aperture in turquoise II"

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Veronique Gambier "Aperture in turquoise II"


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Veronique Gambier
Aperture in turquoise II
acrylic on watercolor paper
21 x 21"

Artist Statement:
"I construct most of my work using over diluted acrylic, ink or watercolor

on paper or canvas. The surface lies horizontally during the process of painting and drying to avoid the effects of gravity. My entire body, arm, hand and brush flow in a continuous motion to produce my work.

I am inspired by the contradistinctive values of the medium I am using

and search for the tension within one color. Sensitive to oppositions and extremes, I learned to question the authenticity of what appears as face value and to look below the surface. I strive to create a sense of solidity andfluidity through deconstructing and reconstructing an image. This is achieved by the repetitive, meditative action of creating within one image autonomous effects; the directness of my brushstroke against the rushing and gradual fading of the color towards the white of the background.

Within one or multiple brushstrokes, my intention is to suggest intimate but forward movement, a limitless movement in time and space.

I seek to express tension in harmony, movement in stillness.

I am looking for what is unrevealed."

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