Seldon Yuan "I love you, I don't love you"

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Seldon Yuan "I love you, I don't love you"


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Seldon Yuan
I love you, I don't love you
wood block print
11 x 11"

Artist Statement:
"Under the influence of poetry, my work is based on a personal history. Focusing on a personal poetics of multiple perspectives and mediums, the work extends across a spectrum of optical effects, absurdity, poetry, surrealism, ideas about language, familiar objects/spaces that are in service of a personal narrative. The work typically creates a filter between a common object, environment, or scene and the viewer, thereby inventing a lens to view and reinterpret the everyday metaphorically.

With the hybrid works that place poems into visual contexts, the process is extended another step. The poems are written first, then visual forms are investigated. A form must be found where each aspect expands the other conceptually without becoming an illustration, yet also activate the act of reading through physical movement, memorization, and reconfigurations of words all the while sidestepping the aesthetics of graphic design and typography. The work plays with the transitions between image/object and language, contrasts the allographic and autographic, activates the passive act of reading, contends with the expansion and contraction of language and both its ambiguities and specificity."

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