Sarbani Ghosh "I Wish to Seek"


Sarbani Ghosh "I Wish to Seek"

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Sarbani Ghosh
I Wish to Seek
acrylic, watercolor, copper leaf, and photographic print on paper
7 x 7"

Artist Statement:
I am fascinated with intersections of Indian and American culture. Most notably, I find similarities between Hindu mythology, astronomy, and the Kantian sublime. The monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey reminds me uncannily of the Hindu goddess of time and destruction, Kali.

I chase glimpses of cosmic power, wondering at the infinite expansion of the universe and the possibilities for intelligent life outside of Earth. I depict meetings of humans with the unknown in a mystical universe. I paint on and embroider digital collages. Combining folk art and digital image creation mirrors the melding of ancient myth and modern knowledge.

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