Re McBride "Untitled"


Re McBride "Untitled"

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Re McBride
watercolor on paper
11 x 15"

Artist Statement:
"I usually walk to the studio. I look at the same shops I've passed dozens of times. I check out the signs I haven't noticed before as well as favorites like "Secret Beauty." I look at the small front yards and lawn ornaments. I notice trash in the street. I see the window decorations change from Halloween to Christmas, from Valentine's to Easter. I see Puerto Rican, U.S. and POW MIA flags. I go see a band. I have a cigarette on the roof and look for Orion. I leave the city. We drink and walk through the woods, and really see the stars. I notice the mushrooms, ferns, and the lizards, more trash. I go under the waterfall. I come back. I go to the crowded beaches. I walk past the grave yard again and again.  I look hard through the iron fence.  I see the photos, tinsel, flags, wreaths, necklaces and crosses. I see flowers, both real and fake."

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