Carlos Torres-Machado "Mao"


Carlos Torres-Machado "Mao"

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Carlos Torres-Machado
oil and enamel on canvas
20 x 16"

Extravagance, deep developments, existence, the formation of ideas, superficiality, incompleteness prevailing over completeness, and in many artistic developments, the ephemeral is as important as it used to be lasting.  All these articulations of confrontation revitalize the artworks and the public’s perception. Carlos Torres-Machado was intuitive about this and realized that the relation between art and money didn’t deteriorate, on the contrary.


An idea began to grow in his mind, he started painting intertwined romantic landscapes and strips using the color tonality of old money showing art masters among others. Then, he also began to deal with form, color and money symbols like the stock market. 

Artist Statement:
"The acceleration of one or the other way of paying is due to the change in pace, but the trace is there. Carlos Torres-Machado created artwork to resemble the tributes to artists, the human traces, the very old bills still in use or kept as mementos, the credit card cut-outs to do collages, or the hard drives of computers holding receipts. Through a variety of color and hues, Carlos reveals this different approach to history. And his interpretation is personal, deep, and adds a layer of coherence to the relationship between money and the visual-arts."

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