Polly Shindler "Mug"


Polly Shindler "Mug"

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Polly Shindler
acrylic on canvas
4 x 6"

Artist Statement:
"My paintings are a meditation on solitude.  I have spent more time alone in the past few months in a far quieter environment andI think that my interior work exemplifies the calm that accompanies a life outside of a city, and being so much closer to nature.   I think this solitary working mode has had a direct effect on my thought process and how I see spaces and the people who occupy said spaces.  I have recently circled back to representational painting and it has presented new challenges and problems that I have not had to wrestle with in many years such as technique and draftsmanship.  This change has inspired me in new ways and forced me to use different parts of my brain; different muscles are being employed.  It has also left me wanting to say more personal things in my interior work."

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