Nelleke Beltjens "it's a matter of not knowing"


Nelleke Beltjens "it's a matter of not knowing"


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Nelleke Beltjens
it's a matter of not knowing
ink pen and watercolor on paper
6 x 9.3", unframed

Artist Statement:
"I find fascinating the idea that everything is always in movement; that nothing is solid and that change is happening every moment. This is particularly resonant to me especially since people more generally search for stability. As an attempt to respond to this tension, I make drawings, or perhaps more precisely works on paper and with paper, the most important element of which is not something I add, but is rather an action of exchange. 

Recently I have been working with the idea of “interruption”, its necessity as well as its possibility. The practice of cutting and replacement in my recent work has been an important physical tool with which I engage with these concepts.

If the process of building up a drawing (or any work of art) can be regarded as building a “world”, or simply as a process of becoming, then my recent practice of cutting and exchanging fragments of this “world” in order to create radical new possibilities represents for me a compelling metaphorical reflection upon our built “reality” writ large. For, it seems to me that what one needs is usually at hand, one needs only to determine the direction it takes."


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