Melissa Staiger "Attention"

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Melissa Staiger "Attention"


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Melissa Staiger
mixed media on paper
15 x 11"

Artist Statement:
"I feel that when I paint I empty myself into the work. I hold information as a vessel and then place it in my paintings when working. My abstract work encompasses basic shapes such as lines, circles and triangles. These forms are not only the building blocks of the cosmos, but also powerful symbols that have been used in many cultures all over the world.

My works are layered and that takes time to formulate and process. They don’t happen all at once. I paint one color at a time, make one mark at a time and assemble one piece at a time in this systematic way. Then I can digest all that is happening visually which leads to a history behind the surface of the painting. It may look like it is all connected as a complete work but I paint it a little at a time to track its evolution."

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