Mark Brosseau "Extralocal"

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Mark Brosseau "Extralocal"


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Mark Brosseau
acrylic, enamel and Flashe on wood panel
11 x 14"

Artist Statement: 
I use painting to ask questions about existence and learn about how I relate to everything around me. The paintings are experiments, and I want them to be simultaneously vast and intimate – equally fleeting and precious. They are an abstract and physical extension of me exploring my experiences – furthering my understanding of how I exist in space. They function as both the result of asking questions and the impetus for asking more questions. I visually feel my way through the space of them. I touch them and feel their surfaces while I work on them. I consider every part of them with both my eyes and fingers. I invite the viewer to inhabit them, engage with the questions I have asked, and come away with their own questions about their space. When I start a painting, I do not know where it will go. A painting is finished when both the familiar and the undiscovered resonate.

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