Mari Renwick "Yesterday's Red"


Mari Renwick "Yesterday's Red"

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Mari Renwick
Yesterday's Red
encaustic and oil stick on wood panels
10 x 20"

Artist Statement:
"Working with wax in an intimate, often combative, engagement, I am compelled by the challenge of manipulating this medium. Dragging, digging, and scraping are paramount responses in the process and facilitate my creating a surface of interest. I paint on small wood panels which are often placed together with other pieces.

By adding simple images, words, and shapes, both spontaneous and considered, the result of a stream of consciousness/journal-type documentation, a snapshot of the moment is exposed.  Isolated and fetishized, the incised objects drawn into the wax are elevated to iconic importance yet often diminished or veiled by the hazy patina of age.

The viewer is invited to excavate the layers for clues to a narrative which is simultaneously revealed and obfuscated, an example of my ambivalence to share my visual diary."

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