Kirk Stoller "untitled (liberty)"

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Kirk Stoller "untitled (liberty)"


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Kirk Stoller
untitled (liberty)
mixed media sculpture (wood, wire, acrylic and latex paint, resin)
12 x 8 x 5"

Artist Statement:
"My practice is rooted in my relationship to found fragments, disenfranchised detritus, and discarded bits. I am affected by the formal qualities, such as volume, surface, hue, and tone, of these otherwise overlooked objects. I see in them a visual vocabulary that can speak of both individual and social structures and offer potential insight into the human condition. I adjust and customize areas of these weathered materials with colorful gloss-coated surfaces as a personal lexicon. The resulting contrast between new and old allows for a type of dynamic to exist between past and present that may hint at potential futures."

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