Katherine Keltner "Whispers from Sant'ivo"

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Katherine Keltner "Whispers from Sant'ivo"


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Katherine Keltner
Whispers from Sant'ivo
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30"

Artist Statement:
My work explores order and randomness, the transformative potential of beauty, and how images both construct and destruct expectations of identity and place. The works use objects from my immediate surroundings like scraps of paper, old drawings and notebooks, fragments of photographs, and residue and remnants from the studio floor. I use the objects directly in large-scale installations and indirectly in paintings and drawings, using light washes of paint to capture a trace of the original object. The works hint at bits of a personal narrative and a cataloguing of data, and conjure celestial phenomena and landscapes of both body and land, offering quietly powerful moments for the viewer.

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