Jessica Dalrymple "Non Native Vignette; Gingko biloba"


Jessica Dalrymple "Non Native Vignette; Gingko biloba"

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Jessica Dalrymple
Non Native Vignette; Gingko biloba
mixed media, ink, oil, and canvas on board
5 x 7"

Artist Statement:
"This piece is inspired by my series; “Native and Non Native Vignettes which derives from the theme of "Nature In The City". The series depicts native and non native plant and animal species that thrive or thrived here in NYC. These are species I've encountered in my path here in Brooklyn. 

Gingkos are native to China and were first planted in America in the 19th century. Their tenacity makes them perfect city trees. They resist disease, survive insect damage, tolerate pollution, and grow without much soil. In fact, they found that six gingko trees survived Hiroshima. Gingkos are one of last leaves to fall in autumn and their bright saffron color create an intense vibration against a blue sky."


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