Jeanne Wilkinson "City Symmetry Sunspot HC"


Jeanne Wilkinson "City Symmetry Sunspot HC"

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Jeanne Wilkinson
City Symmetry Sunspot HC
digital collage, hand colored print
8.5 x 11" unframed, 9 x 12" framed

Artist Statement:
"Jeanne Wilkinson continues her exploration of abstract forms in everyday life in the award winning it Symmetry Series, which reflects city streets in a state of dynamic flux via sun, streetlights and shadows. The symmetries do not match, but instead form often tenuous balances that move from color to color and linearity to linearity, reflecting the nature of the city not as sterile and hostile but as a place of beauty and growth. This artwork is a digital collage of structures in Lower Manhattan, printed and hand-colored."

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