Emily Burns "Inbox Zero"


Emily Burns "Inbox Zero"

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Emily Burns
Inbox Zero
acrylic on canvas over panel
7 x 5"

Artist Statement:
"This series of paintings is rooted in a distinctly American cultural tradition, harnessing the vernacular of seduction and persuasion prevalent in branding, advertising, and popular culture. The visual cues of artifice and ornamentation are metaphors for the human propensity to cover, repress, and ignore difficult emotions.

Critical of the duplicity we both create for ourselves, and absorb from the powers-that-be of Capitalist ideology, these works simulate the way our cultural belief systems inform our desperate struggle to mask chaotic tensions just beneath the surface. These works appropriate the ubiquity of false realities, blurring truth and fiction through the representation of symbols as decorative veils. These thin facades become crucial foundations of our contemporary existence, as we cling to utopian representations in a world filled with uncertainty.

In an unpredictable political climate, with expert forecasts of a drastically-near end for humankind on earth, this series attempts to distill powerful sentiments that are difficult to capture through written language. Through color and form, these works place these delicate constructions and mythologies of romantic idealization at the forefront of our awareness."

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