Diane Englander "Buff and Rust on Blue"


Diane Englander "Buff and Rust on Blue"

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Diane Englander
Buff and Rust on Blue
acrylic on reused cardboard
15.5 x 12''

Artist Statement:
"This piece is part of an evolving series of work made largely of cardboard. As with other series within my overall output, the material is the jumping off place. I look around my studio and see which material suggests that I do what. This reused cardboard has over the years dictated to me one and then another and quite recently a third combination of colors. It has required tearing; it has forbidden tearing; it has asked for collage, and refused all efforts at adding collaged elements. My practice involves following whatever leads I can to get to a point between discord and tranquility, a spot that energizes and also provides refuge."

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