Chip McCall "Every y'all there's ever been"


Chip McCall "Every y'all there's ever been"


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Chip McCall
Every y'all there's ever been
acrylic paint, airbrush, cotton on canvas
36 x 24"

Artist Statement:
I used to sneak away and smoke lawn grass rolled up in fallen rhododendron leaves. It was exhilarating. The urge to transgress still remains, though masked by education and social conditioning. I am drawn to the contradicting and confusing societal stances taken towards issues of violence, rebellion, spectacle, and entertainment. I create objects that hint at transgressive and shameful desires that lurk beneath the skin of contemporary American culture. I work with materials and imagery drawn from modern media, my own suburban experiences, and the paraphernalia of middle class domestic environments. My work explores, captures, and reveals these indulgent tendencies through the recombination of cultural and material detritus.

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