Beth Duerr "doppelganger"

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Beth Duerr "doppelganger"


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Beth Duerr
acrylic on canvas
16 x 20"

Artist Statement:
"My work is inspired by nature and natural phenomena. It is based on thoughts and subjects ranging from weather, to climate change, to water, to catastrophic events, to deep space, to the sky, to plants and forests, to mountains and crumbling rock facades, to give some examples. It is a sort of meditation on the mysteries of nature - about things we might notice when we slow down enough to see them, or when we have time to dream and imagine nature and its infinite possibilities. I often think about ways that nature unfolds and surprises us, in its constant state of change. Like seeing a rock or a cloud in a shape or color that is unexpected. These are the kinds of things I want people to experience when they look at my work. I want people to notice things and draw their own conclusions. I want the viewer to have their own interpretation of what they see."

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