Bea Wolert "Inlaid #3"


Bea Wolert "Inlaid #3"

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Bea Wolert
Inlaid #3
acrylic and metal on canvas
12 x 12"

Artist Statement:
"Working between genres of drawing, sculpture, painting, video, photography and installation, I explore notions of ephemerality, fragility, impermanence and spirituality. Everyday life, nature, science, fashion, design, craft and decoration inspire and inform my practice. I utilize various materials including cake decorating piping bags, zippers, industrial spools of thread, bra hook and eye extenders, fabric, concrete and clay. I explore physical properties of materials by employing different processes of deconstructing, reconstructing, cutting, slicing, stretching, amassing, drilling and filling. Previously static objects become animated...gain more character. Most often, materials I use have their beginnings as found or acquired objects and exist as inspirations in my peripheral vision before finding their way into my work. There is a period of gestation and co-existence before a familiarity with the materials and trust is established. In exposing a material’s physical properties, I am looking to reveal the core essence of the object. I am interested in the dialogue created around the shifts in meaning, value and beauty that come into play. I am interested in how the viewer experiences transformation in meaning and value of the original materials utilized in relation to their intended purpose or function–—how viewers relate to everyday materials in new ways."

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