Jannell Turner "Rainy Night"


Jannell Turner "Rainy Night"

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Jannell Turner
Rainy Night
acrylic and oil on canvas
12 x 9"

Artist Statement:
"This painting depicts the plants in my Brooklyn studio on a rainy, dark evening. Light from the sidewalk lamp post settles around the silhouetted leaves which twist and turn in response. 

My artwork connects wonder with plants in an effort to re-establish the forgotten reverence for the unseen forces in nature. Because our digital cyborg existence and consumerist capitalist culture separates us from our Paleolithic instincts, sensitivity to the natural world seems to be a rare attribute. By cultivating reverence for nature through curiosity, I establish this reconnection. My paintings explore this concept of botanical wonderment in an aesthetic interplay between seeing and thinking, between representation and abstraction, and between lost and found."

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