Open Studio Residency

Application Deadline: November 1, 2017 (11:59PM)  
Residency Dates: January 1 - June 30, 2018

About the Residency: 
This residency is aimed at helping artists find a foothold in the art world while they develop a new body of work as an Open Studio Member. Residents receive a 10% discount on the Open Studio Membership while getting additional support of 6 months advisory with Jason Stopa or Christina Kelly. Residents are also given the opportunity to exhibit their work at Trestle. Participants receive all benefits of a Brooklyn Art Space Open Studio Membership as well as monthly group advisory meetings which include critiques, guest speakers, and studio visits. By participating in this program artists take advantage of networking and community building opportunities in addition to having access to low-cost studio space. The residents give back to the community and get a peek into the administrative end of the art world by volunteering in the gallery or studio for three hours per month. All artists are invited to apply. Applications are accepted twice each year.

Who this residency is ideal for: 
1. Artists developing a new body of work
2. Artists entering or re-entering the art world
3. Artists who have graduated with a BFA or MFA within the past two years (note: this residency is open to all artists, Bachelors/Masters degrees are not required). 

January - June 2017 Residents:

Marilee Bogaert, Dean Christensen, Charlie Jo Crowell, Ronit Levin Delgado, Jenny Drucker, Vita Eruhimovitz, Samantha Holmes, Ariela Kader, Younghoo Lee, Sarah Malcolm, Julia Melfi, Libby Rosa, Aparna Sarkar, Erina Shibata, Annie Trincot, Amy Wetsch, Natalia Zubko

2016 Residents:

Paul Anagnostopoulos, Marilee Bogaert, Rachel Chicaguala, Dean Christensen, Lily Coleman, Julie Combal, Charlotte Corini, Anne Croken, Beth Duerr, Joshua Gabriel, Jessica Gramza, Katie Hector, Zanne Kuhlman, Bonam Kim, Kat JK Lee, Carlos Torres Machado, Sarah Mallory, Jen Nista, Natasa Prljevic, Erika Roth, Libby Rosa, Aparna Sarkar, Shana Siegel, Skye Asta Devine Schirmer, Annie Trincot

2015 Residents:

Rachel Chicaguala, Lily Colman, Jessica Dalrymple, Beth Duerr, Michelle Givent, Erin Hael, Minsol Kim, Sarah Mallory, Molly McIntyre, Erika Roth, Shana Siegal, Brett Wallace & Hannah Lutz Winkler

Current Residents: