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South Brooklyn Open Studios is an event organized by four nonprofit art spaces in South Brooklyn: Trestle Art Space, Ti Art StudiosPioneer Works, and Chashama. The event is being held June 9th and 10th | 12 pm - 6 pm.

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about the event:

The goal is for visitors to see art where it's made! Each building has several artist studios, so visitors have access to a variety of artists no matter how many buildings they visit. In addition to seeing art, artists' studios, and gallery exhibitions, visitors can explore some of the neighborhoods that make up South Brooklyn. Gowanus, Red Hook, Greenwood, and Sunset Park are all easily accessible by bike, bus, ferry, or train. #gosouthforart to see where the art is in Brooklyn!

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best practices

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Have your business cards ready before hand, and set them up for visitors to be able to take easily.

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Prepare guestbooks for your visitors so you may add them to your contacts or newsletters.

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Be at your studio on or before the start of the event.

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Consider offering special studio rates for your works for sale.

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We hope to see you there!