Trestle Gallery Residency Alumni

Artists who have participated in Trestle's residency programs since 2012.

Residency Program Info:

Trestle Residencies are professional development programs that aims to provide space, community, & opportunities for emerging artists. These goals are achieved through six to twelve month residencies that include monthly advisor meetings, formal critiques, and studio visits with NYC curators and art world professionals, and opportunities to exhibit their work. Former residents who have completed the program have gone on to do great things. 100% of Trestle Residency Alumni have had the opportunity to show their artwork in group or solo exhibitions. Most seeking further career advancement have gone on to be awarded professional opportunities such as acceptance to graduate school, participations in group or solo exhibitions at other galleries, and/or have acquired artist visas. Many have gone on to work with other artists in community building in some capacity. Examples include: several alumni have attended other residencies, started art collectives, and otherwise become leaders in artist-run spaces. Please read below to find out more about some individual residents and their post Trestle Residency achievements. 

Residency Alumni:

Marisa Adesman, Hyun Jung AhnPaul Anagnostopoulos, Kate BaeMarilee Bogaert, Patricia Brace, Liza Butts, Melissa CapassoRachel Chicaguala, Dean Christensen, Karen Cintron, Nicole Cohen, Lily Colman, Julie Combal, Charlotte Corini, Anne Croken, Charlie Jo Crowell, Jessica DalrympleRonit Levin DelgadoAlison De VitoJenny Drucker, Beth Duerr, Jen Dwyer, Vita Eruhimovitz, Ari EshooZoe FrederickJoshua Gabriel, Sarbani GhoshMichelle Givent, Jessica Gramza, Erin Hael, Katie Hector, Jacob HicksSamantha Holmes, Cindy Horrigan, Erik Hougen, Case JerniganSara Jimenez, Sarah Jones, Ariela Kader, Allison KaufmanTahir KarmaliEun Hye KangMinsol Kim, Bonam Kim, Suzy Kopf, Zanne Kuhlman, Kat JK Lee, Younghoo Lee, Darryl Leung, Natalie Lomeli Fisk, Pablo Garcia Lopez, Pony Ma, Carlos Torres Machado, Katrina Majkut, Sarah Malcolm, Sarah Mallory, Katie Marshall, Re McBride, Chip McCallMolly McIntyreMegan PorpegliaJulia Melfi, Sara Marie Miller, Crys Moore, Jen Nista, Sui ParkNatasa Prljevic, Allie Rex, Rachel Rickert, Nora RodriguezLibby Rosa, Erika Roth, Rachel Sard, Aparna Sarkar, Myla Seabrook, Ashli SiskSkye Asta Devine Schirmer, Frauke Schlitz, Ian SchwartzErina Shibata, Shana Siegel, Molly Smith, Jeanette SpicerMelissa Staiger, Adrienne Elise Tarver, Lindsay Taylor, TK Tram, Annie Trincot, Denise Treizman, Jannell Turner, Brett Wallace, Amy Wenzel, Amy Wetsch, Hannah Lutz Winkler, Ezra WubeBridgette ZouNatalia Zubko

More information about Trestle's residency programs can be found here.


Tahir Karmali

Tahir was Spring 2017 Visiting Artist in Residence at Trestle. He has shown the paper artwork created during his residency in numerous group and solo exhibitions internationally. After the Trestel Visiting artist residency, Tahir moved into a residency at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  

Will Hutnick and Polly Shindler 

Will and Polly were the first two Curators in Residence at Trestle Projects in 2014. Polly was just recently awarded a solo show at Ortega y Gasset, and Will Hutnick has gone on to become the Residency Director at the Wassaic Project.

Featured Artwork by selected Trestle Residency Alumni:

Image: Pillow, 2016, Acrylic and embroidery thread on canvas over cardboard, 43" x 22"

Image: Pillow, 2016, Acrylic and embroidery thread on canvas over cardboard, 43" x 22"

Hannah Lutz Winkler 2015

"I use zoomorphism to blur the distinctions between humans, animals, wild and tame. Fabric, specifically scraps from unwanted clothing, is an essential material and conceptual element in my work. I am interested in clothing as a major distinction between humans and other animals, and in the physical intimacy and attachment humans have with fabric. I make “nests,” structures large enough for one or two people to sit or lie down in. They are intimate, immersive environments that force the viewer to experience color and space in new ways. The nests are influenced by the relationship between the Bowerbird’s courtship ritual and human visual arts practice. The structures incorporate paintings as walls and often lead to the creation of other paintings. My paintings are investigations of color, focusing on one hue or adhering to self-imposed rules for color mixing. I often attach textiles or other materials to my canvases, and respond to them with paint. In my narrative silkscreen prints of human-animal hybrid creatures in urban environments, I create alternate worlds that are often based off of cities I have lived in, such as my hometown of Providence, RI and New York, where I live now. By applying ink to fabric and transferring its texture onto paper, I take advantage of printmaking possibilities without sacrificing the fabric references important to all my work." - Winkler

Image: The Stargazer, 2014, Ink, gouache, plastic, and gold leaf on paper. 24" x 20"

Image: The Stargazer, 2014, Ink, gouache, plastic, and gold leaf on paper. 24" x 20"

Paul Anagnostopoulos 2016

Paul Anagnostopoulos is an artist working in a variety of media, primarily drawing and painting. He was born 1991 in Long Island, NY and works in New York, NY. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York University in 2013 with a BFA concentrating in Drawing and Printmaking. Selected exhibitions include his thesis exhibition Oro, NY 2013; and 10 in Rupert Goldsworthy’s Pop-Up Space, NY 2012. He interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice during the 2013 Biennale and gave lectures and private tours, during which he became a guest contributor for The Boulevardiers. During 2014, Paul was a resident and exhibiting artist of the Rancho Paradiso Residency in Joshua Tree, CA and the Akumal International Artist Residency in Mexico. During 2015, he began as Marlborough Chelsea's archivist, curated several pop-up exhibitions in Huntington, NY, and completed the Copy Shop Residency at Endless Editions in NY. In 2016, Paul was an exhibiting artist in residence at the SÍM Residency in Reykjavík, Iceland; the Wassaic Project in Hudson Valley, NY; AIAR in Guanajuato, Mexico; the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont; Brooklyn Art Space & Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. He most recently completed a residency at the Hafnarborg Museum in Iceland.

Image: "on making big decisions", 2016

Image: "on making big decisions", 2016

Skye Asta Devine Schirmer 2016

Skye Asta Devine Schirmer is a Brooklyn based painter and printmaker. She currently works out of a shared studio in Bedstuy with artist and friend Andrea Santos. Schirmer has shown throughout Boston, the Bay Area, Brooklyn, and North Carolina. She holds a BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has worked in and with Kala Art Institute in Berkeley California; and Trestle and Brooklyn Art Space in Brooklyn New York. Schirmer holds a BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She is has also been a member of Brooklyn Art Space, the San Francisco Women’s Artists and the California Society of Printmakers.