Trestle Residencies are professional development programs that aim to provide space, community, & opportunities for emerging artists. These goals are achieved through six to twelve month residencies. The Trestle Artist Residency (Open Studio or Private) comes with access to affordable studio space, and includes monthly advisor meetings with one of three advisors Jason Stopa, Adrienne Tarver, Christina Kelly, or Jennifer Schmidt. Each of the twelve meetings include formal critiques, studio visits with NYC curators and art world professionals, and opportunities to exhibit resident artwork curated by prominent guest curators. Visiting Artist Residents receive a free studio.

Former residents who have completed the program have gone on to do great things. 100% of Trestle Residency Alumni have had the opportunity to show their artwork in group or solo exhibitions. Most seeking further career advancement have gone on to be awarded professional opportunities such as acceptance to graduate school, participations in group or solo exhibitions at other galleries, and/or have acquired artist visas. Many have gone on to work with other artists in community building in some capacity. Examples include: several alumni have attended other residencies, started art collectives, and otherwise become leaders in artist-run spaces.  Click here to see a list of Trestle Residency Alumni and what some of them are up to post-residency. Please note: we do not provide housing.

Visiting Artist Resident:

Sa’dia Rehman (b. Queens, NY) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores how contemporary and historical images—in public and private records—communicate, consolidate and contest ideas about race, power and gender. Through performance, video, installation and large-scale wall drawing, Rehman obsessively pulls apart and puts together “images of consumption”— family photographs, mass media and art historical images. In addition to her archive, her core materials include hand-cut stencils, Xeroxes, charcoal, graphite, erasers, spray paint and ink. Sa’dia Rehman has shared her work nationally and internationally at venues such as Twelve Gates Gallery (2019), The Kitchen (2018), Aicon (2018), Alwan for the Arts (2018), Center for Book Arts (2015), Local Projects (2015), Los Angeles Sony Theater (2015), Taubman Museum (2013), Queens Museum (2012), Brooklyn Museum (2010) and National College of Art Islamabad (2006), among others. She was a nominee of the 2017 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant, a recipient of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Grant (2018), Meredith Morabito and Henrietta Mantooth Fellowship (2018) and Ann Hamilton Travel Grant (2016). She has been awarded residencies at the Edward Albee Foundation (2018), Byrdcliffe Woodstock (2018), Vermont Studio Center (2018), Rasquache Residency (2016), ASI/LMCC & Creative Capital (2011) and AIM Bronx Museum (2008). Her work has been featured in the NYTimes, Harper's, Art Papers and ColorLines. She received her MA from City College, CUNY (2006) and MFA from Ohio State University (2017). Rehman lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Residency Opportunities

Trestle Gallery has two residency opportunities with April 15th deadlines, our Trestle Artist Residency and Visiting Artist Residency. Applications are accepted twice a year for 6 month residency terms: January-June and July-December.

About the Trestle Artist Residency: 

This residency is aimed at helping artists find a foothold in the art world while they develop a new body of work as an Trestle Art Space Member. Residents receive a 10% discount on the TAS Membership while getting additional support of 6 months advisory. All artists are invited to apply. 

Participants receive all benefits of a Trestle Art Space Membership as well as monthly group advisory meetings which include critiques, guest speakers, and studio visits. By participating in this program artists take advantage of networking and community building opportunities in addition to having access to low-cost studio space. The residents give back to the community and get a peek into the administrative end of the art world by volunteering in the gallery or studio for three hours per month. All artists are invited to apply. Applications are accepted twice each year.

Who this residency is ideal for: 

1. Artists developing a new body of work
2. Artists entering or re-entering the art world
3. Artists who have graduated with a BFA or MFA within the past two years (note: this residency is open to all artists, Bachelors/Masters degrees are not required). 

About the Visiting Artist Residency:

The Visiting Artist Residency at Trestle Gallery allows artists to explore their practice and share their artistic experience with the Trestle Gallery and Art Space community. Each cycle, one artist receives a free private studio membership for six months at Trestle Art Space. The Visiting Resident Artist leads monthly public critiques for the duration of the residency.

Who this residency is ideal for:

This residency is ideal for established artists with a serious practice looking for a space to make work while engaging with the Trestle Gallery & Art Space community.

Residency Alumni:

Yasmeen Abdallah, Marisa Adesman, Hyun Jung AhnPaul Anagnostopoulos, Kate Bae, Hannah Rose Berry, Marilee Bogaert, Rosa Bozhkov, Patricia Brace, Nell Breyer, Liza Butts, Andrea Caldarise, Melissa Capasso,  Rachel Chicaguala, Dean Christensen, Karen Cintron, Abby Cochran, Nicole Cohen, Haleigh Collins, Lily Colman, Julie Combal, Charlotte Corini, Anne Croken, Charlie Jo Crowell, Jessica Dalrymple, Kat Deiner, Ronit Levin DelgadoAlison De VitoJenny Drucker, Beth Duerr, Martin Dull, Jen Dwyer, Alyssa Eble, Vita Eruhimovitz, Ari Eshoo, Eliza Evans, Meryl Feigenberg, Jacqueline Ferrante, Zoe FrederickJoshua Gabriel, Sarbani GhoshMichelle Givent, Christina Graham, Jessica Gramza, Erin Hael, Diane Hebbert, Katie Hector, Jacob HicksSamantha Holmes, Cindy Horrigan, Erik Hougen, Case JerniganSara Jimenez, Sarah Jones, Ariela Kader, Allison KaufmanTahir Karmali, Annika Klein, Eun Hye KangMinsol Kim, Bonam Kim, Suzy Kopf, Zanne Kuhlman, Kat JK Lee, Younghoo Lee, Darryl Leung, Natalie Lomeli Fisk, Pablo Garcia Lopez, Genevieve Lowe, Pony Ma, Carlos Torres Machado, Katrina Majkut, Sarah Malcolm, Sarah Mallory, Katie Marshall, Re McBride, Chip McCallMolly McIntyre, Jamie Mirabella, Kate Muehlemann, Megan PorpegliaJulia Melfi, Sara Marie Miller, Crys Moore, Gal Nissim, Jen Nista, Justin O'Brien, Sui Park, Aston Philip, Natasa Prljevic, Allie Rex, Rachel Rickert, Nora RodriguezLibby Rosa, Erika Roth, Rachel Sard, Aparna Sarkar, Myla Seabrook, Ashli SiskSkye Asta Devine Schirmer, Frauke Schlitz, Ian Schwartz, Zoe Schwartz, Alexandra Seiler, Erina Shibata, Shana Siegel, Molly Smith, Jeanette SpicerMelissa Staiger, Adrienne Elise Tarver, Lindsay Taylor, Ruyin Tsai, TK Tram, Annie Trincot, Denise Treizman, Jannell Turner, Brett Wallace, Lesley Wamsley, Amy Wenzel, Amy Wetsch, Hannah Lutz Winkler, Ezra Wube, Soo Yun, Bridgette ZouNatalia Zubko

More information about Trestle's residency programs can be found here.