Small Works  

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 30th 7-9pm
On view through August 4th, 2016

“Looking through one thousand images was a dream-come-true, until I had to eliminate well over 900 of them. This was not my first time at the rodeo, but editing, shaping, and finalizing an exhibition is never an easy process. So many works have merit and any exhibition can take countless directions. Many of the artists who received rejections had several works flagged until the final round, when imagery, themes, and techniques began to appear in dialogue, taking me in a direction I had not previously anticipated. There is no overarching theme aside from the fact that the pieces spoke to me and began to speak to each other after countless rounds of viewing. In the end, I chose works that made me ask questions, look at media, read titles, and want to know more. I longed to see them in person and they begged to hang next to one another.”
- Heather Darcy Bhandari, Guest Curator


Participating artists:
Brandy Bajalia - George Belcher - Caroline Board - Greg Burak
Emily Burns - Jessica Cannon - Melissa Capasso - Noor Chadha
Cecile Chong - Sarah Comfort - Jaynie Crimmins - Elliot Deal
Mark Dustin - Rina Dweck - Lauren Gidwitz - Carly Glovinski
Antonietta Grassi - Jane Lafarge Hamill - Terence Hannum - Fukuko Harris
Cory Imig - Sara Jones - Owen Karrel - Annika Klein - Amanda Konishi
Heidi Leitzke - Keith Lemley - Jeanette Levy - Taylor Loftin
Mary Malcolm - Maess - Mark Mann - Max Manning - Tali Margolin
Ayumi Matsuba - Taryn McMahon - Laura Mosquera - Sidney Mullis
Alexis Neider - Janet Olney - Ryan Oskin - Peter Patchen - Jessica Perelman
Victor Perez - Mel Prest - Kaveri Raina - James Rose - Annette Rusin
Seth Scantlen - Jenine Shereos - Sophia Sobers - Travis Southworth - Raphael Fenton Spaid
Marcy Sperry - Todd Stong - Mike Tan - Ann Tarantino - Scott Teplin
Zipporah Camille Thompson - Barbara Campbell Thomas - Victoria Tinsley - Rachel Walker
Ripley Whiteside - Julia Whitney Barnes  - Curtis Widem - Quay Quinn Wolf - Jack Wood