Breaking New Ground

Artist Reception: July 14, 2016, 6pm

For the inaugural exhibition at Slate’s new headquarters in downtown Brooklyn, Trestle Gallery presents Breaking New Ground. This art exhibition showcases four artists who work with formal investigations that range from abstract to representational. Rhia Hurt’s series pushes against our expectations of color field painting by creating uniquely shaped modular surfaces that combine conventions of sculpture and painting. Abigail Groff Hernandez uses the restrained tradition of still-life painting to subtlety break the illusion of pictorial space through contrasting formal compositions. Melissa Staiger’s paintings employ the circle as a motif and starting point to explore formal and visual principles, as well as abstract and mystical concepts. Katerina Lanfranco’s paintings embrace seemingly opposite painterly, chaotic natural forms and hard-edge geometric shapes and symbols, harmoniously blending sacred geometry and biophilia. Collectively, the artworks in this exhibition challenge the status quo and the tradition of painting. Using unexpected media, surface, and paint application, these artists are breaking new ground in their creative dialogues with contemporary art.

View catalogue of TRESTLE x SLATE first collaboration event Breaking Ground