A Message From Our Chief Curator...

We are thrilled to announce that our Trestle Gallery exhibition program theme for 2018 is “Expanding Borders”. We chose this theme in response to the national political dialogue around the idea of closing borders, and what it means to be invited or excluded from a cultural dialogue.

Borders are limits. Artists cross limits, push against them formally, conceptually, and through the materials of their choice. They expose areas that provoke us to see beauty and contemplate life, but at times, confront us with uncomfortable truths. Borders exist and are flexible between the real and imaginary; the past and present; the personal and political; and the physical and psychological borders that surround us everyday.

  • 12/15-1/5 Resident Exhibition - Curated by Katherine Murdock. Featuring artworks by our current TAR residents. Reception: Friday, December 15th, 7-9pm | Art Talk: *Coinciding reception
  • 1/19-2/28 Introductions 2018 - Curated by Enrico Gomez. One of Trestle Gallery's annual open calls. Reception: Friday, January 19th, 7-9pm | Art Talk:Tuesday, February 13th, 7pm
  • 3/9-4/18 Borderline - Curated by The REMIX: Heather BhandariCourtney Colman, & Steven Sergiovanni. Reception: Friday, March 9th, 7-9pm | Art Talk: Tuesday, April 10th, 7pm
  • 4/17-6/6 Liminal Worlds - Curated by Katerina Lanfranco. Reception: Friday, April 17th, 7-9pm | Art Talk: Tuesday, May 8th, 7pm
  • 6/14-7/18 Member Salon 2018 - Curated by Jacqueline Ferrante. Reception:Thursday, June 14th, 7-9pm | Art Talk: Tuesday, July 10th, 7pm
  • 7/26-8/22 Small Works 2018 - Curated by Sharon Louden. Reception:Thursday, July 26th, 7-9pm
  • 8/27-9/7 Trestle Gallery Solo Residency: Maria Hupfield. A two week residency and open installation in Trestle Gallery by artist Maria Hupfield, culminating in a reception September 7, 7-9pm.
  • 9/14-10/24 To Speak the Pain of Another - Curated by art collective AN/OTHER NY. Reception: Friday, September 14th, 7-9pm | Art Talk: Tuesday, October 9th, 7pm
  • 11/2-11/28 TAB 2018 - our annual Trestle Art Benefit. Benefit Night:Wednesday, November 28th, 7-9pm
  • 12/7 Residency Exhibition - Curated by Carmen Hermo. Reception: Friday, December 7th, 7-9pm

Trestle Gallery is thankful to be able to continue to put on high quality art exhibition and programming with support from the Department of Cultural Affairs, NYSCA and The Golden Rule Foundation. Through this institutional support we are able to explore a diverse range of art being made today and give voice to an expansive artist community that is based in Brooklyn, New York, but extends past national and international borders.

We hope to see you tonight at our future events.


Katerina Lanfranco
Chief Curator, Trestle Gallery