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Trestle is a 501c3 non-profit contemporary art space located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, that was established in 2012 in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Our mission is to foster creativity and community by offering exhibition, education, and networking opportunities for contemporary artists and curators. We provide a place for creative people to focus on the development of their art and their career. Our mission is carried out through four core programs: Contemporary Exhibitions, Professional Development, Community Classes, and Residencies.

our programs

The foundation of Trestle’s commitment to artists is our Contemporary Exhibition Program. Each season we showcase emerging artists and curators central to rotating exhibition themes, with a focus on providing opportunities for underrepresented artists. Using a combination of invited curators and open calls, we select local and international artists, and offer them the opportunity to showcase their work and become part of an arts community.

At Trestle we work to create an essential community for artists through our Professional Development Program. This program includes monthly Critiques for groups of artists to give and receive feedback about their work. It also includes our new Critical Feedback Program where art world professionals host monthly critiques and share their unique career paths, offering tips and discussing relevant topics for participating artists.

Trestle’s Workshop Program offers instruction in a wide variety of artist techniques and theories, as well as training in professional practices. This program serves a dual purpose of educating artists in new media and creating jobs for highly-trained teaching artists. The classes attract a wide range of artists from the neighborhood and help Trestle participate in the life of the local community while providing professional-level artistic instruction to a wide audience.

In collaboration with Trestle Art Space, Trestle offers two Residencies each year. These residencies are designed to help artists and curators find a foothold in the art world while they develop their practice. The Open Studio Residency offers twenty emerging artists a six-month reduced rate studio membership. The Visiting Artist Residency offers one experienced artist a free six-month studio membership.


In addition to visual art exhibitions, Trestle hosts a variety of professional development opportunities and events:
Monthly Critiques
Open Studio Residency (in partnership with Trestle Art Space)
Visiting Artist Residency (in partnership with Trestle Art Space)
- Critical Feedback Program
- Trestle Workshops
- Internships (in partnership with Trestle)