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Vatic Utterance

image: Wendy White, K2, 2015

Participating Artists:
Mike Cloud
Ron Ewert
EJ Hauser
James Hyde
Sam Jablon
Ezra Johnson
Margaux Ogden
Tracy Thomason
Siebren Versteeg
Wendy White
Seldon Yuan

Curated by Sam Jablon

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8th, 6-8pm
On view through May 5th, 2017

Vatic Utterance is about the subtleties of abstraction and language and how the two can morph together and be separate. The work ranges from fragments of words and coded language, to visual poetry. It involves a mix of artists working today who incorporate language in the work through different means. The artists in the show might clash and might coalesce and represent different ideas about art, language, and painting. The show’s title is taken from the poem Vatic Utterance by Rene Ricard. Ricard used poetry to create paintings. This poem captures the reality of life... the rent must be paid.

    Vatic Utterance

    If I love you
    There is no limit
    But love is Luxury
    The rent must be
    The lease expires
    Evictions are noticed
    And a new Tenant
    Moves in

    2005 Oct 24