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Guest Curated by Sandy Litchfield

Featuring Works by: Isidro Blasco, Matt Bua, Maximilian Goldfarb, Mary Lum, Amy Yoes

Trestle Gallery is pleased to announce Arki,tekCHeral, a group exhibition curated by Sandy Litchfield, on view at 168 7th Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn from March 4th to April 15th. This exhibition brings together five artists who make architecturally influenced work. The use of phonetic spelling for the show’s title suggests a preference for perceptive insight and observation over conventional codes for construction. Whether it’s spelled ärkiˌtekCHəәral or ahr-ki-tek-cher-uh l, these linguistic descriptions break down the word as a signifier in order to form new associations of meaning.

The artists presented in this exhibition deconstruct and reconstruct their experience of architecture through the intersection of photography, collage, paint and sculpture. Many of them equate language and text as an architectural structure that, when taken apart, is capable of disrupting or circumventing common systems of belief. Others explore patterns of experience in the built environment like going up stairs, through doors, across streets and into tunnels– all functioning to determine our sense of interiority, shelter, security and transit.

Additionally, Sandy Litchfield will be hosting & moderating the ˈärkiˌtekCHəral Panel DiscussionMarch 15th, 6:30pm

Earlier Event: March 1
Open Critique
Later Event: March 15
ˈärkiˌtekCHəral Panel Discussion