It’s hard to create in a vacuum! In the endless effort to deepen artistic practice, it is invaluable to gain feedback on works in progress. Join other artists at Trestle to discuss your work in a constructive, serious environment. 

Critiques in the gallery begin at 6:30 and run approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the number of artists. There is a maximum of 10 artists per critique. We also welcome those who simply want to participate in the discussion, whether or not they have current work to share.

Participating artists are given 15 minutes to discuss their work. They may make a short statement about their theme and approach, or simply open up the discussion to the group.  We suggest bringing a maximum of three pieces.  

Please RSVP by emailing

Upcoming critiques: all start at 6:30pm and take place at 168 7th Street, 3rd Floor. 
Critiques are held on the first Tuesday of every month

Trestle is pleased to have artist Frauke Schlitz leading our critiques for the next six months as the visiting artist in residence. Fraukes work is mainly an investigation of the phenomenon of space. It refers to buildings and grounds. At the same time these references to architecture and topography function as metaphors and talk about an inner or mental space. Frauke’s work encompasses both the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. In both forms, the geometrical reduction is a kind of grammatical scaffold to create meaning within the (image) space. The works always address the space in between. The negative space and the void is an important concern. In this period of time Frauke is working on large size drawings. She is interested in the distinct character and tactile quality of lines. Frauke generates her drawings in an intuitively growing way which includes random processes, lack of control, and inaccuracy. The drawings themselves are related to the surrounding architecture. With repetitive forms as well as with slightly shifting variations and modules the lines are rhythmizising space.  Learn more about her work here: