Winter Art Sale

Trestle Gallery's Annual Winter Art Sale Fundraiser: Friday, November 13, 2015

In 2015, Trestle's annual Winter Art Sale will be dedicated to raising $20,000 to fund one year of our Artist and Curator Residency programs. The Winter Art Sale will be a classy night out featuring food and drink from local businesses, artworks by top artists, and raffle prizes such as Trestle class passes, a massage gift certificate, a deluxe Hazel Village toy box, and Broadway show tickets.

The main feature of the benefit will be 50+ artworks which will be hung in the gallery and given as prizes to ticket buyers. The ticket-buyers will have their names drawn out of a hat one by one to select their artwork, creating an atmosphere of excitement over who will pick and what will be picked next.

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November 13
November 14
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